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Queen B Coffee Co

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee... & Food!


Our Story
Owners: Sisters Heather and Jennifer Bellizzi

Queen B Coffee Company is named in honor of our mother - she was a kind and outgoing person who was a career teacher. She had an amazing way of making everyone she met feel special, earning her the nickname of Queen B, the “B” being for our last name, which was often challenging for some of the little kids she taught to pronounce.

​This café was a dream that we were going to do with our mother and had planned to do right before she unexpectedly passed, so we put the whole project on hold until now.

The Bees
We also always loved bees, especially because our mother did! Often we’d get her gifts of Swarovski crystal bees or a wallet with bees on it. Since she was a teacher, she often would turn everything into a lesson, so discussions about bees and how magical they were would definitely be discussed.

90% of the entire world’s nutrition is dependent upon pollinators like bees! So, they’re very important! Without bees, our entire ecosystem
delicious scones… That is something we simply could not live without!

So, in appreciation of the bees, we are partnering with local organizations to give a percentage of sales to help support the bees and help keep the bee population alive and strong!

Contact Info


417 Main St, Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA


‭(203) 894-5994‬


What we do


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