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OPENING DAY IS JUST 3 WEEKS AWAY! 😁 41st season of BMX racing in Bethel on Wednesday April 19th!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

We are always seeking something special to do. We want to share experiences, collect moments, and create memories, with the people we love, right? Well, taking the whole family to the Bethel Supercross BMX races is one destination where you can do just that!

Beginners are always welcome - and it's free to try out. Riders are aged from just 1 year old all the way up to racers over 60, with every age in between. In BMX racing, no one sits on the bench!

The track is always well maintained, plenty of parking and the food is great. The Volunteers at the track are wonderful, making everyone feel welcome and keeping everyone safe and organized.

Bethel Supercross BMX welcomes its youngest riders to try our Balance Bike Races!

What is Balance Bike Racing?

Balance bikes are also called run bikes or strider bikes. We hold balance bike races on the last section of the track at every race! See the race schedule for race dates and times.

We welcome all kids between the ages of 1-5 to participate in our balance bike races. All participants receive a trophy. It's a safe, fun and exciting way to get the littlest ones involved! We have balance bikes for sale. We also have a few loaner bikes and helmets that anyone is welcome to borrow.

Go to for our race schedule and info. Come join the fun!

Location: 162 Old Hawleyville Rd Bethel CT, 06801



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