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Our Platform


By following our simple steps, you can earn income and build leadership skills while blazing a trail for entrepreneurs on your team.

Control your business from the palm of your hand with a suite of powerful tools that enable you to build relationships and measure success.


Create Credibility, reach prospects, connect on social media, and track results with a full se of digital tools and content libraries.


Product providers, hoe office staff and field leaders all rally together to help you learn the ropes , create momentum, and be your best.


At is core, our system is leadership-centered, with business mentors to help entrepreneurs like you learn and succeed fast.


Keep moving forward with answers about products, assistance with sales, events for your team, and recognition for your achievements.

Let's find a fit for your needs and goals

4 Ways to Build Income

We offer one of the industry's most robust compensation plans on a diversified product portfolio. A you advance through our ranks and build your business, you can earn more money while helping more people.

Personal Income

When you write new business you earn a commission and, as you reach preset levels, your commission percentage increases. We encourage you to reach out to everyone, not just high earners, so there are no limits to how many people you can help.

Expansion Income

You're free to expand your business anywhere in North America. From a local team to teams you establish in other towns or states, our platform supports your efforts and helps you support your organization.

*certain restrictions apply

Agency Income

As you grow and expand your agency business, you have the chance to mentor and coach newly licensed agents. As they write new business, you can earn a portion of their commissions.

Bonus Income

Qualified leaders earn a pro-rata share of an override on our entire field force. Your portion of the bonus can grow based on your organization's production. These bonuses can multiply and compound your earning potential, and reward you for the quantity and quality of your business.

Different By Design

Our innovative business model enables entrepreneurs to succeed together by helping them avoid many of the obstacles that plague traditional financial services businesses.


With equal opportunity, team members stick together. When business owners have the same opportunity, they can work together as equals and focus on growing everyone's business by adding new business owners to the team.

We are a financial services marketing organization that is not affiliated with World Financial Group, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc., World Financial Insurance Agency, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Hawaii, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, Inc. nor WFG Insurance Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc. (collectively referred to as “WFGI”), but is utilized by certain independent contractors of WFG.

World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Hawaii, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, Inc., World Financial Insurance Agency, Inc. and/or WFG Insurance Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc. – collectively WFGIA – offer insurance products.

WFG Headquarters: 11315 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 100, Johns Creek, GA 30097-1517. Phone: 770.453.9300

RFM Headquarters: 28632 Roadside Drive, Suite 240K, Agoura Hills, CA, 91301. Phone: 818-879-9514

Tax and Legal Disclosure
Neither World Financial Group nor its agents may provide tax or legal advice. Anyone to whom this material is promoted, marketed, or recommended should consult with and rely on their own independent tax and legal advisors regarding their particular situation and the concepts presented herein.

Many people have experience various levels of success with World Financial Group. However, each individual’s experiences may vary. This statement is not intended to nor does it represent that any individual results are representative of what all participants achieve when following the World Financial Group system.

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