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We are a small, local, family business, living in Ridgefield, and we feel so fortunate to showcase so many wonderful local businesses and events on our new platform, Community Stroll.

For over 30 years, residents and businesses have been connected through both a 'town greeter' to personally welcome new movers and a 'town planner calendar' full of local events and coupons delivered to resident's mailboxes. The merge of these two unique services is Community Stroll.

To us, the key to success is making a positive impact on our community, residents and local businesses. To that end we provide new movers with a warm in-person greeting, community information, promotional gifts, a publication containing special offers from local businesses, a beautiful wall calendar created for your home town featuring local events, and coupons. all in a free, reusable tote bag.

Through our website, app, blog, social media and print calendars we provide you with the ability to search for shops, restaurants, trusted service providers, events, and destinations in our sponsored communities. You will also find local deals and special offers for anyone to redeemable digitally on our app or with print coupons.

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