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Christine Santori

Business Owner | Best Selling Author

Direct Sales Professional | New Resident Niche Marketer
Micro Influencer
| Community Networker

Beauty Guide | Advocate

An eternal advocate for her adult son with physical and intellectual
disabilities, Christine has found a successful career as an entrepreneur
that allows her to balance her job and family while having fun. Her
passion is connecting and sharing, and that is what she gets paid to do
every day!


Christine’s nuggets about storytelling, social media, and being inspiring:

Breakthroughs in neuroscience reveal that people are hardwired to
respond to good stories The pleasure we derive from a tale well told is
nature’s way of seducing us into paying attention. Stories:

  • tap into our emotions, activating various parts of the brain•

  • stay with us because they tap into memory, and they

  • influence our behavior

Whether we actually know the individual or not, hearing their story
evokes feelings within us, and hopefully understanding and empathy
for them and their situations.


Social media storytelling gives us the opportunity to connect with an
audience, harness their attention, engage them with your brand, even
form strong, long-lasting relationships with them. An effective
storytelling approach will turn them into frequent visitors to your social
media pages and then into followers, and eventually into customers.
People do choose to watch advertisements for the enjoyment of the
ads themselves, like during the Super Bowl. When you go on social
media and on to someone’s feed, you interrupt the story people want
to see with your story. Viewers will keep watching and sharing your
content if:
• You bring valuable or entertaining information to them
• They identify with you
• You grow or nourish your relationship with them
• They want to get the word out about a cause, experience, or brand
   they have in common with you
• You are inspiring to them


We often find ourselves in a dim world or really tough situation.
Everyday bad things happen to good people. So how can we be
inspiring? Whatever challenge you are facing, you can still build up
those around you. You can be enthusiastic, empathetic, maintain a
positive outlook, be honest, practice gratitude, fight for what you
believe in, strive to achieve your goals, be kind, and SMILE! The best
part about practicing happiness is that it actually makes you happy.

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