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Treats Pupperia: A Paw-sitively Fantastic Experience for Dogs and Their Owners!

Hey, dog lovers! I have an exciting treat for you today!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Treats Pupperia, a one-of-a-kind boutique store for dogs, and let me tell you, it's a paradise for our furry friends.

Dog boutique 

Located at 16 Catoonah Street, Ridgefield, Treats Pupperia is the brainchild of the lovely Ridgefield couple, Kyle Neumann and Kelly Ramos. As soon as I stepped foot inside the store, I knew this place was special. It wasn't just another pet shop; it was an experience tailored to create a paw-some bond between dogs and their owners.

The first thing that caught my eye was the diverse menu. Treats Pupperia offers a delectable range of high-end, healthy treats and meals made from chicken, salmon, and beef. Their products are carefully selected, ensuring only the finest, natural, and wholesome ingredients are used. No added preservatives or artificial flavors - it's all about giving our furry friends the very best!

Dog boutique 

Treats Pupperia goes above and beyond in providing everything a dog owner could dream of. From toys to accessories, you name it, they have it! They carry the cutest pet beds, dog carriers, licking mats, chew toys, food bowls, teething rings, and even a custom-built biscuit bar. Trust me; your fur babies won't be able to resist!

What sets Treats Pupperia apart is its dedication to creating a community around dogs and their owners. They have a cozy seating area with tables where you and your furry companion can enjoy meals together. I mean, who wouldn't want to share a meal with their loyal four-legged friend?

And wait, it gets better... Treats Pupperia has a fantastic gated play area at the front of the store. This means your furry pal can have playdates while you shop for their favorite goodies. It's the ultimate win-win situation!

Dog boutique 

What truly touched my heart is their commitment to helping dogs in need. Treats Pupperia collaborates with ROAR (Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue) and holds dog adoption events. They even have an adoption wall featuring adorable dogs who are looking for their forever homes. I couldn't help but feel inspired by their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of these furry companions.

Treats Pupperia also hosts doggie birthday parties! Imagine celebrating your pup's special day in this adorable setting while surrounded by fellow dog lovers. It's an experience you and your pet will never forget.

Beyond the treats and products, Treats Pupperia also places a strong focus on wellness and nutrition. They offer vetted and sourced supplement suppliers, including joint and calming products, and even CBD supplements! They genuinely care about ensuring our dogs lead healthier, happier, and longer lives.

I must say, Treats Pupperia is not just a store; it's a warm and welcoming space that celebrates the love and joy that our dogs bring into our lives. Whether you're searching for premium products or seeking an enjoyable hangout spot with your furry companion, this place has got it all.

And the best part? They've got an amazing E-commerce store too! You can shop for all the fabulous goodies online and get your order delivered right to your doorstep.

So, if you're in the Ridgefield area or planning a visit soon, make sure to drop by Treats Pupperia where Kyle & Kelly are dedicated to providing exceptional service and making your visit an unforgettable one, one treat at a time. You can also visit their website and shop online at

Until next time, happy tail-wagging adventures!

- Christine from

Dog boutique 


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