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Vision & Mission

Happy Family with Pets


In 2012, our company's financial professionals helped hundreds of thousands of families and individuals prepare for a better financial future.

For Families and Individuals

To help everyday families and individuals get the financial education, protection, and independence they need to pursue their dreams for tomorrow, to become a client.

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No Family Left Behind

We a see future in which everyone has access to a financial education and a better chance to become financially secure and independent.


More people are deciding to build businesses that address the growing needs of middle-income families and individuals for financial services.


Since 2001, our company's financial professionals have helped more than 4.6 million families and individuals across North America prepare for a better financial future.

For Entrepreneurs

Our Mission

To empower financial services entrepreneurs from all backgrounds with the tools they need to accomplish our massive mission for families and individuals


WFG has seen record growth, and the company continues to grow. In fact, commissions paid to field increased in 2021 by 22%.


Entrepreneurs earning at least $1 million since 2001.

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